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Daily reblog. I have to, it’s the law.

time to take my vitamin…

You know what gets to me every time this pops up on my dash?
The takes this must have taken. Like how many they must have done until they decided ^this one was the one the world got to see.

according to Loo, it took 4 takes. [X]

well, Loo is one lucky lady

And Benedict is one lucky gentleman. :)

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YouTube to Report and Avoid


edit (28/9/14)


So the recent outcries against Sam Pepper have led me to make a list of YouTubers who pull this crap all the time and do not spark this level of outcry. 

This is a list specifically for those still making YouTube videos.

Shane Dawson

Sam Pepper


Onison (literally so much stuff he got his own masterpost)

Luke Conrad

Corey Vidal / ApprenticeA

PewDiePie (Doesn’t understand why rape isn’t funny and was involved in a song called ‘it’s raping time’. 

Bret Barker

The Amazing Atheist 


Adrian Van Oyen (exposing himself naked at women in public)

Jenna Marbles and DailyGrace have also been criticised for Nicki Minaj parodies that pretty much amounted to blackface.

Let me know anyone you feel should be added.

(crossed out ones i don’t think at this time necessarily deserve to be boycotted/reported)

shanna malcom may deserve to be added to the list though, for example, she calls her fans her “niglets” and such, there is also a collab with her and shane dawson where he puts on blackface makeup and she puts on “whiteface” makeup or something, but i can’t find it right now.

oh also i’m too lazy to watch it fully but apparently 3 days ago shane dawson posted this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jZDt5zQWsE) called “My Apology (Blackface & Offensive Videos)”? it seems genuine from the parts i watched, but i guess we’ll see where that goes. if he’s serious he really should delete/demonetize those past videos. i wonder if he’s finally grown the hell up.

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